About Us

AIS Technology is a company with office in Madrid and Barcelona specialized in the design of multimedia services for the distribution of audiovisual content on the Internet through streaming or videoconferencing, live and on demand.

In AIS Technology we have a team of R & D itself, which allows us to create, easily adaptable to customer requirements, and allows us flexibility and high speed of response modular solutions.

Our solutions are easily integrated, scalable, and allow you to post and manage content easily and intuitively with customizable interfaces ensuring optimal user experience.

Services AIS Technology are designed and oriented to provide added value to companies by providing them with tools to generate new business and helping them expand their communication and improve brand positioning, favoring that they reach a larger number of users or customers.


(+34) 91 416 64 04 - Madrid
(+34) 93 303 03 74 - Barcelona
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