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administrador | 17-12-2014

The challenges of cancer patients in the XXI

Oncology and pathology are, without any doubt, one of the medical disciplines for its severity, frequency and socioeconomic impact arouse greater interest among health professionals and society in general.

The challenges of multidisciplinary approach to these diseases, always in constant change and evolution, make the different perceptions and actions from different viewpoints charge impact news and justify their periodic and thorough review in forums like the Sanitas is destined to share.

This proposal is framed within a strategic priority of our parent company, the 2020 BUPA project reach millions more people around the world, trying to provide customers longer, healthier and happier lives you.

This Forum would help enrich the knowledge and attitudes about oncological diseases by analyzing the most significant challenges in the various fields of activity of all its characters, from the needs of an EARLY DIAGNOSIS, exemplifying in the paradigmatic cases of breast cancer or lung, through features NEW CANCER PATIENT increasingly become a chronic patient, without forgetting the CHALLENGE OF SUSTAINABILITY analyzed from the visions of public health, pharmaceutical and insurance, ending with one of the higher stakes with these diseases face: CLINICAL RESEARCH.

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