Sector applications.

Corporations and Companies

The interest communicate makes corporations and companies search formulas to expand their reach, so they can spread their message. Also, sometimes the demand exceeds the supply of available capacity or mobility reasons not everyone can congregate in a space in particular, so that…

Health Sector

In the health sector, the need to share information among employees distributed in different locations of the same organization or also external to the same, it is common. These are generally internal training sessions, hospital centers, corporate communications or even interest in providing…

streaming en universidades

Education Sector

Currently, in the environment of education (business schools, universities and other training institutions), the scope of training is limited to the capacity of the physical spaces that organizations have (classrooms, auditoriums …). There is growing interest in increasing the range of courses and…

Events Sector

The interest in reporting makes companies formulas to expand their reach, so do not limit yourself to the space where the event is held. Also, sometimes the demand exceeds the supply of available capacity, and the chosen space can not assume all people interested…


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