Internal Training

Video curriculums and internal training

Large corporations have the need to train the different teams of the company, as the Sales and Marketing Department on developments in internal protocols, training in sales techniques or in the case of own HR department, that of store all the curriculums of potential candidates.

In addition, the company is facing the problem of not being able to provide the information simultaneously by problems on the agenda as well as users, as many stakeholders are scattered over the country.

AIS Technology is the technology partner that offers services to give answers to all the needs of internal training through content distribution solutions both live and on demand.


  • Self recording: Create content easily on a desktop environment for presentations and provide training on-line.

  • Generate Videocurrículums: by self-recording can generate and store curriculums to filter potential candidates.

  • Categorize Videocurrículums: be categorized according to the department or area for which they are intended.

  • Communication: by videoconferencing from the different offices, and software solutions.

  • Production and broadcasting: both live and on-demand training sessions, events, lectures, presentations …

  • Accommodation and categorization: of corporate audiovisual content and creating different channels according to the theme or profile


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