Marketing and Communication

Communication tools, creation and management of video contents

Given the need of large corporations to get their message or product through Communication companies, Marketing and Events, AIS Technology is the Tecnology expert partner that offers services to meet all these needs through content distribution solutions both events live and on demand, besides having both internal communication tools, and external.

AIS Technology easier for Large Corporations and their communication partners make their technological progress or Product launches in the form of presentations, roundtables or forums for debate so that their own employees or other users of interest can continue live and later on demand all related to them, and send their brand image or product to more public.

In AIS Technology we interconnect multiple sites to follow live events, which reduce costs substantially.


  • Production and broadcasting: both live and on demand events, product launches or new releases.

  • Communication: streaming or videoconferencing from different sites and improve the capacity and visualization.

  • Reduction: costs in significant way, interconnecting different sites without displacement.

  • Accommodation and categorization: of corporate audiovisual content and creating different channels according to the theme.

  • Self recording: Create content for presentations and product launches.


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