Business Schools

Live Master Classes, recording and manage reports

The large business schools that train businessmen and future businessmen need to have a greater range and distribution of educational content, apart from storing and managing these audiovisual content often considered Master Classes, as valuable and easily monetizable for its great interest.

AIS Technology responds to the needs of these schools sector, through its storage platform and content distribution channel or a transverse Corporate WebTV, which allows  live streamings and share contents; subsequent publication in an easy and intuitive, scalable and modular way, adapted to the needs of the organization


AIS Technology responds to business schools through:

  • Production and broadcasting: Both live and on demand classes, training sessions, lectures or presentations.

  • Accommodation: For all audiovisual content as Classes and Master Classes and subsequent management and publishing.

  • Categorization: All media content is sorted by channel and generate metadata allowing conditional access based on user or course.

  • Self recording: Create content easily for teachers and published instantly.

  • Integration with Payment Gateway: Enables monetization of the course if you have to be viewed by non-face students


Type of Access

– Open: Providing access to content for all users.
– Restricted: Only those students or users with login and password can access to the content.
– Payment: Monetization of content through the integration of payment gateways previous display of the contents.

Types of Recording

– Video with audio and synchronized power point.
– Video only with audio.
– Audio only with synchronized power point.

User Navigation

The user can navigate for the platform according to the permissions with which it is enabled to recover, view and review again all the classes that have been recorded and are stored orderly on the platform.

Manager Administration

The administrator has the power to create different profiles of both administration as a teacher or student to allow access to the different areas of the platform.


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