Events Sector

The interest in reporting makes companies formulas to expand their reach, so do not limit yourself to the space where the event is held.

Also, sometimes the demand exceeds the supply of available capacity, and the chosen space can not assume all people interested in attending. On the contrary, displacement associated costs prevent counting with the assistance of interested persons.

Therefore, the diffusion through Internet becomes the effective solution that complements the event and allows to increase the dissemination. Also opens the door to new revenue formulas for organizations and companies.


In AIS Technology we specialize in the collection, transmission and content management so as satellite broadband. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide solutions to monetize spaces such as cinemas or multiplexes and leverage them expanding its range projection. We are able to…


In AIS Technology we retransmit live concerts and in HD. Sometimes a concert capacity is surpassed by space limitations. In AIS Technology we can carry the signal to other spaces that gather all those people that for capacity or mobility were unable to attend, as…


In AIS Technology we retransmit works in theaters and live shows and in HD. It may happen that at the premiere of a play or show the capacity be overtaken by the number of attendees. In AIS Technology we can carry the signal to other…


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