We make the rooms profitable, expanding its projection offer

In AIS Technology we specialize in the collection, transmission and content management so as satellite broadband.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide solutions to monetize spaces such as cinemas or multiplexes and leverage them expanding its range projection.

We are able to send video signals in HD and 3D sound, so that we can broadcast from medical operations performed through a physical doctor while performing an operation in a surgical room, where attendees can view and interact with the specialist, to cultural content as plays or shows that are released and exceed the planned capacity where it is geographically located.

Our intention is to provide customers technically new business ideas helping to spread the content beyond the physical space where they perform


Possibilities for cinemas or multiplexes:

  • Profitability: We help large spaces to expand their offer with different content projection drawing comfort and quality of projection and sound.

  • HD Quality: We are able to capture the signal in HD and lossless transport of quality, so that it can be projected on the big screen and surround sound.

  • Spectacular: Any content that is projected on a cinema will enhance their quality making it more impressive, either an operation as a live show.


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