Live broadcasting of plays and shows at other venues

In AIS Technology we retransmit works in theaters and live shows and in HD.

It may happen that at the premiere of a play or show the capacity be overtaken by the number of attendees.

In AIS Technology we can carry the signal to other spaces that gather all those people that capacity or mobility can not attend and broadcast in HD on large screens such as cinemas and other spaces geographically dispersed so that in the same time to enjoy the live show, allowing the organizing capacity and even multiply the capacity and even benefits.


Possibilities in shows retransmission:

  • HD Quality: We are able to capture the signal in HD and lossless transport, so that it can be projected on large screens.

  • Multiply the capacity: We extend the dissemination event spaces not only nationally, also internationally can be retransmitted.

  • Advertising: We can insert various shapes and formats advertising sponsors, so that they can return on their investment and expand.


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