Health Sector

In the health sector, the need to share information among employees distributed in different locations of the same organization or also external to the same, it is common. These are generally internal training sessions, hospital centers, corporate communications or even interest in providing access to employees to high interest surgeries.

Attendance is usually restricted by the existing limitations, either time or location that hinder access to information and where sometimes the demand for places exceeds the existing capacity in place.

The desired goal is to provide access to information regardless of the geographic location of the health partners, without worrying about the capacity or time to reduced costs. Furthermore, there is interest in opening new lines of business through the dissemination and marketing of training sessions, specific content, or sponsorships from other companies.


AIS Technology responds to the needs of these organizations by distributing live Events such as surgeries or presentations by eminent doctors. In many cases, assistance is limited to the capacity of the physical space provided for that purpose, may not take an excess demand…


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