Live broadcasting of Operations and Presentations and contents storage

AIS Technology responds to the needs of these organizations by distributing live Events such as surgeries or presentations by eminent doctors.

In many cases, assistance is limited to the capacity of the physical space provided for that purpose, may not take an excess demand of assitants, or for geography reasons which centralizes a presentation from a particular hospital and displayed in other hospitals, for that reason, has HD streaming systems that allow other users to view events taking place live.

In addition, hospitals have a need to train their medical staff on developments in internal protocols and the health center finds the problem of not being able to deliver information simultaneously for issues on the agendas of the speakers and that users are scattered over the country. AIS Technology distribution platforms available video content as the transverse Corporate Channel (or WebTV) adapted to the needs of the organization that allows the generation of content and publishing in an easy and intuitive so that later can be viewed by users.


AIS Technology responds to hospitals through:

  • Production and broadcasting: Both live and on-demand training sessions, events, conferences, lectures, presentations, ..

  • Open Broadcast in: Providing access to content for all users.

  • Restricted: Only those users (workers, students, partners, …) that have login and password can view the contents.

  • Payment: Monetization of content through the integration of payment gateways preview of the content.

  • Accommodation: Audiovisual content made are saved in a Corporate or WebTV Channel with all videos sorted.

  • Categorization: Allows audiovisual management content and creating different channels according to the subject or user.


Direct Operations

Live Streaming of medical operations that allows colleagues of the Hospital or the hospital sector to monitor developments, treatments and operations renowned doctors

Corporate-WebTV Channel

Enables the production and distribution of the sessions at the conference over the Internet on demand for viewing by assistants who can not attend in person.
The possibility of conditioned viewing, payment gateway integration, categorization of audiovisual content or conditional access content according to user or others.

Self recording

The Rec & Play enables the generation of content easily by any doctor in a desktop environment (from PC itself), so you can generate your own presentations and publish them for later viewing.


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