Congress Palace, Events Rooms and Auditoriums

Companies, regardless of their activity, increasingly are favoring to collect collaborators, customers, employees or people interested in the activity of the company, and do so in large spaces where they report the results of their activities, present their new range of products or share the strategy departments that form.

The sites chosen for this usually have a large capacity as Auditoriums, Theaters, Conference Centres and Halls Acts.

AIS Technology  is the technology partner that offers services to meet all these needs by streaming content distribution both live and on demand, in addition to offering various solutions based on videoconferencing.

We also offer the possibility of installing fixed form, our automated system AIS Technology Live streaming.


AIS Technology enables Spaces solutions such as:

  • HD Live: Ability to install our own streaming system for the Auditorium or Room service available by adding it as a service that can offer more.

  • Direct: Produce and deliver events, conferences, lectures, presentations, live entertainment that requires the client independently.

  • On-demand: The system can store videos and save them in a WebTv for later viewing.

  • Communications: By renting or installing video conferencing solutions for interactivity between presenters and audiences with other places or people.

  • Translation: Both streaming and videoconferencing, our systems allow you to add and interact with multiple language


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