HD Live

Own streaming system that operates autonomously


The R & D of AIS Technology has created a new streaming-based solution that allows users to purchase a computer to transmit live, broadcast and record video meetings or presentations and slides independently, easily and automatically.

HD Live is a system designed by our experts in R & D that makes the collection of any kind, meeting or event from a camera, including the videoconferencing equipment, which enables the live broadcast via streaming automatically, without support.



The HD Live system provides communication solutions in different business areas:

  • The HD Live: installed at the customer house as an equipment more, with the advantage that operates autonomously once it is configured by our technical team.

  • Ease of use: The person who will use does not require any technical knowledge. Through a touch screen you can choose the layout and buttons of emission and recording.

  • User : simply have to choose the type of presentation you want to be using a touch screen either + audio + video presentation, audio or video + audio + presentation , and push the button and relay recording if you want to save .

  • After the presentation : the recorded files may be stored where desired, either a WebTv with all the videos sorted and the ability to publish and manage , or uploaded to an FTP , or just saved where the user needs to further manipulation .

  • Mobility: The HD Live can be incorporated into a mobile rack with camera and screen so you can change locations ( eg different classes ) if it is a requirement.

  • It monitors : always from HD Live for control , so that the client should only worry about his presentation.

  • Adaptability: The system is configurable and customizable to 100 by 100.


Training y e-learning

It is the ideal tool to create, manage and distribute content quickly and easily to content video training of the organization that require access to those students or registered users.

Business Communication

Solve communication problems in organizations, especially those that do not have the means and need to spread the content of the meetings to all members of the corporation. Allowed to attend and follow, especially in offices that only have Internet

Advanced Modules


Sort and display the content according to subject or recipient.


Ability to publish and unpublish content by the administrator.

Self Record

Application that allows recording, editing and publishing video presentations.


Audiovisual Integration with live video conferencing systems.  

SMS, Chat, Email

Bidirectional communication module that allows users to maintain feedback.

User Authentication

Access to the event or conditional content according to policies established by username and password.

Sync Data / Video

Broadcasting live video of the rapporteur associated with documentation (PPT) is being displayed.


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