Live Streaming

Live broadcast of events, presentations, lectures and concerts

From AIS Technology we help Corporations, Public Entities, Universities and Enterprises of all kinds to spread audiovisual content through internet by live events; streaming with modular solutions that allows the mass distribution and improve quality brand and help to attract new business.

Also, the life streaming solution from dHD allows outputs contents in large format with HD technology through internet, favoring profitable areas such as halls, theaters and auditoriums at discounted with surgical broadcasts, performances, and concerts among many other costs.


The streaming service for live events offers

  • • Recruitment: Acquisition broadcast live from audiovisual equipment.

  • • Contents: Synchronizing video with slides.

  • • Modules: Additional advanced services such as multi-language chat or authentication.

  • • Languages: Up to four languages simultaneous in the same streaming.

  • • Customization: Players personalized with your corporate image.

  • • Infrastructure: Quality of network bandwidths adapted to the number of concurrent users.

  • • Marketing 2.0: Integration with social networks.

  • • Distribution: Issue multiplatform as mobile phones and tablets.

  • • Data: Statistics display.

  • • Encryption: Flash H.264 format according to the selected quality (SD / HD).


Broadcast of Corporate Events

Allows Large Corporations and Companies to make their Shareholder Meetings, press conferences, lectures and presentations of results so that its own employees or other users of interest can follow live everything related to them.

Broadcast of Sports and Musical Events

We can follow major events like concerts and DJs, theatrical live shows or indoor sporting events.

Broadcast of Educational Content

Broadcasting live presentations and scientific conferences or big business people counselling session webinars or courses, that people can not attend due to a different geographical locations or physical space of the room

Medical Operations

Streaming on live from medical operations that allow Doctors or other people in the hospital sector to monitor and follow the developments, treatments and operations from recognized doctors


Advanced Modules


Conditional access using a range of IPs which allow users to view the contents.

Application form

Questionnaire that appears after you finish viewing the audiovisual content.


Audiovisual Integration with live video conferencing systems.  

Simultaneous Translation

Broadcast of several audio (language) associated to the same media content.

Second Video

Presentation of two live videos in the same player. Thought for the sign language.

Video preroll

Inclusion of prior video direct, usually advertising or sponsorship.


Video Integration with payment gateways for payment before viewing.


Allows you to download documents related to this video as a support material and / or further reading.


Questionnaire released after completion of the display of the content.

SMS, Chat, Email

Bidirectional communication module that allows users to maintain feedback.

User Authentication

Access to the event or conditional content according to policies established by username and password.

Sync Data / Video

Broadcasting live video of the rapporteur associated with documentation (PPT) is being displayed.


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