A powerful tool that allows an easy self-recording without software downloads

The Rec & Share of AIS Technology is a powerful solution for webcasting cloud format that allows any user to record, edit and publish video presentations and high quality web format easily, from your own PC.

The tool is a web application that provides the ability to generate and deliver video content synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation easily, autonomous and usable using only a computer, a camera or webcam and an internet connection.

The Rec & Share is the ideal tool for online training orpresentations from a PC environment.



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The Rec & Share is a streaming-based solution:

  • Easy to use: Allows the user to record your presentations from any computer, as it is not necessary to download any software or application.

  • Equipment: All that is required is a computer with a webcam and microphone, and an Internet connection.

  • Public interface (Frontoffice): Web Front adapted to the corporate image of the client where the hosted content generated are presented in AIS Technology platform from which you can view with the associated documentation.

  • Private interface (Backoffice): Where the user self record synchronizing with a presentation, preview, edit and manage publication instantly.

  • Player: Play / Stop / Pause, connection time, control bar with selectable color and size, full screen, Integration slides, slide indexing.

  • Front: Position player and related videos, Color main components, customizable Skin, Color background, corporate Banner, page title text, title text self-recording, video Scroll

  • The solution Rec & Play: includes a license that allows the customer to have the latest updates, which consists of two separate interfaces.



It is the ideal tool to create, manage and deploy quickly and easily contents of video training organization that require access to those registered users.
In this way, teachers have a tool with which they can make their lessons from their own computer (or home) and hang the contents so that students can view them on-demand when the teacher requires it.

Marketing and Communication

Allows presentations and marketing activities innovatively improving the scope of the corporate image. They can make videos explaining specific products for the customer to visualize before saving even the visit.


Increases productivity by facilitating the management of videocurrículums uploaded by candidates.
In this way the HR department can manage if visits of candidates needed, or save them for future application

Advanced Modules


Sort and display the content according to subject or recipient.


Ability to publish and unpublish content by the administrator.

Self Record

Application that allows recording, editing and publishing video presentations.

Sync Data / Video

Broadcasting live video of the rapporteur associated with documentation (PPT) is being displayed.


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