Streaming On Demand

To display the contents post-event

Once an event its made of any nature, content can be recorded for publication on demand, in order to be viewed anytime, anywhere by users who are unable to attend, or to explore generated content.

Streaming on demand allows access to all videos and presentations given by the contents and additional informationyou want: files, statistics, advertisements, languages, subtitles, etc.

It also allows the return on investment in live streaming content on-demand hosting on a WebTV or corporate channel, allowing the controlled users to access to the contents with password or payment platforms.


The webcast service provides on-demand content:

  • Contents: Synchronizing video slide show.

  • Customization: Advanced Player adapted to the brand image of the company.

  • Corporate Channel: Content Management and WebTV.

  • Infrastructure: Quality assurance and network visualization.

  • Raports: Statistics display.

  • Platform: Accommodation and distribution of audiovisual content in Flash H.264 own infrastructure.

  • Expansions: Packs of monthly traffic.

  • Marketing 2.0: Integration with social networks.


Advanced Modules

Application form

Questionnaire that appears after you finish viewing the audiovisual content.


Sort and display the content according to subject or recipient.


Ability to publish and unpublish content by the administrator.

Self Record

Application that allows recording, editing and publishing video presentations.

Simultaneous Translation

Broadcast of several audio (language) associated to the same media content.

Second Video

Presentation of two live videos in the same player. Thought for the sign language.


Video Integration with payment gateways for payment before viewing.


Allows you to download documents related to this video as a support material and / or further reading.


Questionnaire released after completion of the display of the content.

SMS, Chat, Email

Bidirectional communication module that allows users to maintain feedback.

User Authentication

Access to the event or conditional content according to policies established by username and password.

Sync Data / Video

Broadcasting live video of the rapporteur associated with documentation (PPT) is being displayed.


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