AIS Technology offers a wide range of services aimed at multimedia production and distribution of audiovisual content on the Internet, both live and on demand.

With modular solutions, easily adaptable to customer requirements allows us a flexibility and high speed of response. Therefore, our services are designed to contribute high value added to companies providing them with tools to generate new business and helping to expand and improve communication and improve brand positioning companies.


The distribution is the streaming content through the Internet, so that the user can visualize a computer or mobile devices and tablets audio and video content. We help companies to expand their corporate message on a massive way, and return the investment dedicated…


Videoconferencing allows distance communication in a simple way, efficient and quality. In AIS Technology we have all the necessary infrastructure to offer our customers a wide range of SD and HD videoconferencig services quality, ranging from the simplest to the most complex solution…

Cloud Videoconferencing

Blue Jeans Network offers a cloud videoconferencing makes it easy to host meetings of high-quality video and transversely connecting many participants using different devices, also using videoconferencing systems.

Corporate Solutions

In AIS Technology we are experts in latest technologies, so our expertise and knowledge of the different technologies involved and the experience we developed products and equipment from leading manufacturers, allowing us to offer our clients Global Corporate Solutions and complete that meet…

Consulting and Support

In AIS Technology we are experts in management and delivery of multimedia, videoconferencing and audiovisual content, so our experience allows us to perform consulting services, analyzing and providing the most cost-effective model that meets the requirements of your organization. We work closely with…


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