Support and Maintenance

Maintenance service and pre and post-sales support

In AIS Technology, for a service or facility upon completion, we offer a maintenance service and pre and post sales support.

Our presales support maintenance includes advice, customer support and the final act of the previous project implementation work. The after-sales maintenance services ranging from technical assistance oriented technicians and administrators to a service user of the equipment, aimed at regular users of the same, in order to facilitate full transparency of technology in the use and management of these systems as well as continuous service availability.

Our support and maintenance services incorporate the necessary technology to do periodic inspections remotely, without interfering with the daily use of customer technology.


Our service and maintenance performed:

  • Counseling pre / post integration: Our expert technicians perform a study of the feasibility of the project or event, recommending the most suitable equipment and solution to satisfy customer needs.

  • Installation: Our specialized audiovisual knowledge, networking, communication and programming technical team is responsible for coordinating with the company responsible for the installation optimally.

  • Technical Support: During an event and after installation we both telephone and face to face technical support so the client always has a supporting tool.

  • Training: Once an installation, our technical team taught and how both users and administrators by the company on which rests the operation and use of the integrated system.

  • Maintenance: We do periodic inspections for both remote and physical to check the status and proper operation of equipment and systems supplied.

  • Remote Control: We support and control remotely, so we can solve problems instantly without the need to travel so we save our assistance.


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