Videoconferencing Bridge

Communication between various videoconferencing points

The multi-conference is a cross-tool to meetings and events across multiple venues with high quality, speed of communication and the ability to interconnect different systems and videoconference codecs, PCs and Tablets, which in turn guarantees the confidentiality and security of service.

The conference bridge facilitates communication up to 30 geographically distant locations, and facilitates mixed ISDN connections / IP, always depending on the quality that is performed.

In AIS Technology we offer the service through booking punctual MCU hours or hiring a pack of annual hours with the ability to manage reservations.


Managed Services for Videoconferencing

  • Communicating with Devices: From videoconferencing codecs to PCs and Tablets together.

  • Holiday annual hours contracted packs: Solution suitable for customers requiring a rarely use of the platform.

  • Services managed housing: Allows the customer physically host his team and take our multipoint installations, bandwidth and technical support.

  • Managed Hosting Services: Creating a Virtual Enterprise MCU with enough use. Reduces infrastructure costs and maintenance.


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